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  • Stanislaw Banaszak

Constantly Shifting Business Needs

In today’s modern world business needs are constantly shifting, IT and cyber risk landscape require a constant stream of attention and resources. CISOs role isn’t just about security, but compliance,  security, and risk as they all relate to IT and business success.

How can we help with this?

  1. Orchestra continuously monitors security posture vis-à-vis security objectives through a set of coverage metrics such as:

  2.  attack\vulnerability coverage on one hand,

  3. and asset coverage on the other plus

  4. external and internal threats.

  5. Orchestra shows coverage gaps caused by

  6. missing sensors or controls,

  7. ignored or mishandled vulnerabilities

  8. unimplemented policies

  9. policy exclusions and exceptions

  10. Orchestra’s platform minimizes breaches, but no matter how good your defense some attacks will succeed. “Policy as code” enables organizations to close the feedback loop from breaches to create a cycle of continuous policy improvement.

Finally, a holistic cyber shield must be quantifiable since you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

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