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  • Stanislaw Banaszak

Press Release: Aplikacje Krytyczne – Poland selected Harmony IoT by Orchestra Group

Aplikacje Krytyczne deployed Harmony IoT to enhance and strengthen its airspace security and overcome its wireless-born cyberattacks blind spots.

The world is full of connected devices.

We are constantly surrounded by billions of them. The desire to have a modern, innovative work environment has brought them into offices, and connected them to the networks.

Some connected devices are permanently located in the office, some come in and out with guests, some belong to the employees, neighboring offices, third-party contractors, service providers, and even the coffee shop downstairs.

They are all there to help the business run smoothly and efficiently, make life just a little bit easier, and save money.

But aside from doing all the amazing things they do, these seemingly innocent devices are not so innocent. Created with accessibility, not security, in mind, connected devices are the most vulnerable machines connected to the networks, and the perfect gateway to the organization.

Harmony IoT is a unique solution that provides an airspace dome around the organization to monitor, detect, and mitigate cyberattack threats through the attack surface of wireless protocols, as well as, smart-connected devices and IoT devices using them.

“Harmony IoT is delivering the zero-touch, self-managed solution with no need to add to additional resources from Aplikacje Krytyczne side. It is accelerating our digital transformation while allowing us to benefit from the use of smart-connected devices and IoTs in our organization,” said Mr. Aleksander Ziaja, Director of the Security and Business Continuity Department at Aplikacje Krytyczne.

About Aplikacje Krytyczne                   

Aplikacje Krytyczne (a Polish entity) provides information technology systems to support Ministry of Finance in the development and maintenance of critical systems and other services.

About Orchestra Group                       

Orchestra Group offers a unique integrated cybersecurity defense platform with proactive security policy management and enforcement orchestration.

About Spica Solutions                     

Spica Solutions, Advisory and Technology Challenger, an Orchestra Group partner in Poland, provides a variety of cyber security solutions to find unconventional but effective solutions to its customers’ difficult problems.

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